Our Billing

Our billing policy is associated to the belief that the value of our services is based on the time we spend for a client, whether it is spent in a meeting, while making research or brainstorming during the course of the day, on the phone or while drafting an email or a report.

We may offer lump sums for services as diversified as set-up of companies, last wills, contract drafting/review, litigation, or construction project monthly management fee.

Under certain conditions, we can offer our services on a reduced hourly rate or reduced lump sum and a result-oriented fee.

Alike situations faced recently with the Coronavirus or due to special and serious financial difficulties, a client may, upon eligibility, be offered substantial discounts or pro bono services or assistance while dealing with their legal insurance, if any. You may check our terms and conditions there.

One hour consultation

30-minute consultation

Merger and Acquisition
Private Equity
Banking &Finance
Employment Relationship
HR Strategy – Advisory Services
Business Set-Up and Maintenance
Joint Venture and Investors Relationship
Expatriation Services
Civil Status
Nationality and Immigration
Succession Planning
Inheritance Proceedings
Crime against the Person and Narcotics
Business Crimes