Social Responsibility

ASTRUC & CO. Legal Consultancy, we aim to enhance society and trust. 

It starts with our employees to whom we aim to offer training as well as a freedom of thoughts and decisions. We aim to empower them to be the owners of the firm and of their clients and advices; for instance, there is no non-competition clause in our employment contracts for the period after termination without a proper compensation negotiated prior the contract. 

The Pro Bono program can be found here. 

Towards the community, we put serious efforts towards the environment, as set forth in our Ecological Chart.

Towards our history and in line with our belief that history matters, we are involved in various actions in the UAE that are fighting against neurodegenerative deceases and its effects on the family of the person affected. 

Pro Bono Program – Conditions for Eligibility

Any individual in actual and evidenced financial distress may benefit from our Pro Bono program. We do not believe that the sole monthly salary is a criterion to determine if an individual qualifies or not. Other circumstances participate.

Hence, to benefit from such a program, the applicant must make a request via email after which he/she will be provided with a non-disclosure undertaking from ASTRUC & CO.. Thereafter, he/she shall provide the following documents, in one email, together with the attached form, filled in and signed.

1. Bank statements[1]for the last twelve months that show a total yearly average revenue out of which 25% is insufficient to pay the estimated legal services at normal rate;

2. Ejari in the UAE[2];

3. Passport copy, visa page and employment contract;4. Value of the dispute / purpose of the legal advises must be less than AED 25,000 :

  • a. This does not apply to claim related to unpaid wages of workers: in that case, there are no limits;
  • b. This does not apply to physically abused and/or non-working parent facing a dispute with a spouse.

Those who are not eligible are: 

1. Tourists, except those victims of abusive spouses or employees of unethical employers under probation period;

2. Entrepreneurs, except for voluntary insolvency procedures related legal assistance;

3. Investors, except those who have been ruined by a criminal and who seek legal consultancy for the purpose of claiming the investment back.

If the applicant is eligible, he/she will be offered a free of charge legal assistance or a discounted legal assistance or a deferred payment billing policy, in any and all cases with or without a success fee payable upon a determined result. ASTRUC & CO. reserves the right, while complying with highest standards in term of discrimination, not to accept a pro bono request even though the applicant is eligible. Any person who does not fulfill these criteria may still provide the documents and explain the rationale behind his/her request and we shall review and decide to apply or not our Pro Bono Program. 

[1] If no bank statement available, proof of cash payments from the employer shall suffice.

[2] If shared accommodation, letter from the employer confirming this accommodation status or letter signed by the other room mates with a copy of their Emirates ID 

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